About DARC

Dance Alliance Repertory Company is our in-residence, pre-professional, youth dance company. The five or six separate DARC companies, grouped by ability, consist of approximately 70 dancers that range in age from 8 to 18. Since directors, Adam and Lisa Clark, took control of the company in 2000, DARC has more than tripled in size. They have made significant alterations and adjustments to the program which has in turn made these pre-professional dancers into well-refined and highly trained individuals. Besides the obvious dance training that comes with this type of environment, the Clarks also stress discipline, organization, respect, time management as well as many other attributes that make a well-rounded dancer and human being.

DARC performs numerous times each year at a variety of functions. Annually the dancers prepare for their Benefit Concert which showcases an assortment of jazz, ballet, pointe, tap, lyrical, modern, hip-hop and character works. The company can also be seen at a number of conventions and competitions, local events and parades, the Dance Alliance Spring Concert, and several benefit guest appearances throughout the year.

In addition to the hours of weekly classes and rehearsals, DARC members have the opportunity to travel annually and study in New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis and Chicago. DARC members have received numerous scholarships for regional and national conventions and competitions. They have also received scholarships to the Performing Arts Center and The Edge in Los Angeles along with scholarships to Steps and The Rockette Experience in New York City. We also have dancers that have been awarded talent representation at Trio Talent Agency in Los Angeles, serve as assistants with Jackie Sleight and Dave Carter for LA Dance Magic and perform and travel across the country with the LA Dance Magic Company. On top of the exposure that DARC receives when traveling, the Clarks continue to enhance the dancers training through the many guest choreographers and instructors that they bring to the studio. The companies have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Hamilton, Pattie Obey, Judy Rice, Jackie Sleight, Katy Spreadbury, Becca Sweitzer (former DA and DARC member), Gustavo Vargas and Aaron Cash. This coming season proves to be just as impressive with its line-up of guests.

For more information on DARC and/or its upcoming season, please feel free to contact Dance Alliance at 734.429.9599. Also, on our home page, is a complete listing of DARC members that have received scholarships and awards. Please check back from time to time to see the updates!